Andrey Skvortsov: The Lecture as a One-Man Show

May 28, 2014, 19:00 master class


Say you produce some fantastic video courses; your webinars and online lectures are chock full of relevant and insightful content. And people are happy to watch you and hear what you have to say. Only instead of the 100,000 views you had expected, you’ve only racked up a couple of hundred.

How do you make a public lecture that will appeal to the maximum number of audience members? And how can you break away from your narrow professional circle of viewers to reach out to a wider audience? One strategy is to transform your presentation into “Laptop Theater”! In his unique master class, Andrey Skvortsov will teach you how to create the kind of online lectures and video courses that will  be sure to rack up thousands of views.

Andrey Skvortsov

Director and co-owner of Mercator, a video infographics and presentational film studio. Responsible for “Russia by the Numbers” (“Russia-24), “Moscow by the Numbers” (“Moscow-24), and the infographics division of Russia 1. Author and co-author of presentational films for Orange, PWC, The Kaspersky Lab, Rostelecom, Sberbank, Gazprom, and others. Winner of a gold medal from a New York advertising festival, finalist for a 2013 NYF TV & Film Award in the category of “Infotainment Correspondent”. Host of “NTV Weather” and the “Open PR” programs on the ProBusiness channel. Graduate of Moscow State University, Harvard Business School, and recipient of an MBA from AIBEc

Over the course of this master class, you’ll learn:

  • what makes a good one-man show so interesting,
  • which elements of creating and performing a one-man show can be incorporated into your lectures,
  • what you can do right away, and what you’ll need to work on,
  • and what to do if “you haven’t got talent”?


Who this master class is designed for:

  • professors and specialists who already use online technologies and are looking to improve their skills;
  • experts in the creation, development, and promotion of online educational products,
  • people who aren’t directly involved in the educational sector, but are looking to move in that direction and to implement distance education solutions.


This is a free event, but don’t forget to register. Registration is required for this event.

This won’t be the first time that Andrey Skvortsov has led a master class at the Digital October Center. You can find out more here:

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