Analyze This: Big Data in Education

December 1, 2014, 19:30 lecture

On December 1st, the Digital October Center will play host to an open lecture and live link-up entitled, “Analyze This: Big Data in Education”, which will be delivered by Charlie Harrington, leader of Knewton’s London headquarters.

Big Data is one of the most important trends that have emerged in recent years in the field of education. Knewton was one of the first companies to apply data analysis to the field of education. The Knewton Company has developed a platform that allows educational institutions to use Big Data analysis to its full potential and create a personal educational trajectory incorporating the particularities of each individual student.

Lecture Program:

  • What is personalized education?
  • How can data analysis be used in the process of building a course?
  • Why will Big Data become the main trend in the development of education in the coming years?

This event will be free. Pre-registration is required.

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