Why Users Don’t Stay Loyal

February 13, 2014, 19:00 master class


On February 13th at the Digital October Center, the leader of the startup group Empatika (which has garnered investments from Igor Matsanyuk himself) offered a new lesson in growth hacking for beginners.

This third session with Bayram Annakov was dedicated to the issue of retention: keeping your users active.

His company’s first project grew out of location-based chat: when his team noticed that their app was being used primarily in airports, they redesigned their product to fit the needs of frequent flyers. App in the Air made it onto the App Store’s list of the top one hundred apps, and, according to data collected in mid-2013, had a customer retention rate of 65%.

Today, Empatika’s second project is aimed at 4% of the world’s population – and its user’s lifetime value could comprise his or her actual entire lifetime. It’s In Flow: originally conceived as a social network where users could share their feelings, it’s become an extremely popular medical app for people suffering from bipolar disorder.

Using In Flow as an example, Annakov will show how analytics can help growth hackers to find the most worthwhile target demographics for them and the specific triggers that will motivate people to come back to their product again and again.

During this lesson, Bayram discussed:

  • cohort analysis, and what might really be at the root of your bad average performance,
  • clustering: how to find out what the people who are leaving your app have in common, identify the leaders amongst those who stay, and tailor your app and notifications to their needs,
  • the theory of habit and the mechanics of bringing users back to your application,


This lesson is brought to you by the Moscow branch of Founder Institute, the international accelerator for entrepreneurs where Bayram teaches.

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