Aleksey Ivanov: Making your online store effective and user-friendly

April 10, 2013, 10:00 seminar

On April 10th, the Digital October Center presented Aleksey Ivanov’s one-of-a-kind seminar entitled, “Making your online store effective and user-friendly.”

The founder and general director of ISEE Marketing used participants' websites as examples to illustrate how to direct consumer attention, how to create an effective home page, and why the people who are clicking on ads aren’t buying products. By the end of this seminar, each participant received a number of practical recommendations on increasing the attractiveness and convenience of their websites, making their sites easier to use and their customers more likely to buy.

The lessons learedn in this seminar were the product of 14 years of experience in studying and shaping online consumer behavior.

You can find more information on the day’s program (including audience reviews ) here


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