Developing a Start-up: from an Idea to Demo Day

August 26, 2013, 19:00 seminar

On August 26 API Moscow will host Ilya Korolev, Evgeny Ginzburg, and Dmitriy Maslennikov, methodologists from MetaBeta who helped Yandex with its two-month start-up acceleration camp.

They will present case studies of some projects from Tolstoy Summer Camp that are right now getting ready for Demo Day and will also:

  • talk about modern tools for entrepreneurs
  • discuss methods to help grow projects faster
  • validate hypotheses and key matrices for start-ups
  • answer questions from the audience

Registration is closed, but you can join one of API Moscow pages to see what’s coming next:


The MetaBeta team worked as co-organizers of Yandex’s acceleration course, participating in methodology and program development and maintaining the TolstoyShow site, where they share project experiences and expert advice.

Tolstoy Summer Camp is being held at the Yandex office from July 1 to August 30 with the goal of taking participants through three steps: from elaborating on a concept to creating a prototype. Sixty-five of the most promising applications were chosen from the thousands submitted to the program from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. Twenty experts work with the projects, including all three of the MetaBeta creators:

Dmitriy Maslennikov – a serial entrepreneur, he launched his first business at the ripe old age of 16. In 2012-2013 he worked as the CEO of a virtual business incubator, while he is currently busy with the creation of an accelerator for early-stage projects.

Evgeny Ginzburg – the head editor of the TolstoyShow website and the creator of a cashless settlement service for fuel at the Topkarta corporate auto parks.

Ilya Korolev – a co-founder and the product director at and

API Moscow is the first of the facilities to be opened under the auspices of the city’s tech incubator program and is managed by the Digital October Center. The accelerator will work with IT companies brought in by accredited Russian and foreign partners (investors, incubators, etc.) and will also offer educational products for anybody who would like to participate, including seminars and courses on the different aspects of entrepreneurship in the tech world.


711 show Ilya
MetaBeta Seed accelerator
712 show Evgeny
editor-in-chief at TotlstoyShow, founder at Benzindex
713 show Dmitriy
serial entrepreneur

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