“Visual Business Communications” with Andrei Skvortsov and Alexei Kapterev

October 29, 2012, 10:00 seminar

On October 29, in the Digital October center, a seminar by Andrei Skvortsov and Alexei Kapterev, “Visual Business Communications,” took place with the participation of Honored Artist of Russia Valentin Teplyakov. The seminar was organized by the company Mercator.

Andrei Skvortsov, an expert in the area of corporate films and video infographics, talked about the use of visual allegories, films, and infographics in business communications and parsed complicated situations, cases, mistakes, and examples of manipulation.

Alexei Kapterev, a leading expert in the area of presentations, spoke about the dramaturgy of public speaking and disclose the secrets of successful presentations.

Valentin Vasilevich Teplakov, a professor, Honored Artist of Russia, Honored Artistic Figure of Russia, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts of GITIS from 1991–2001 talked about the technique of public speaking.


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