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February 10, 2012, 10:00 conference


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file.puts '.toster {Ruby} was a conference where Ruby experts shared their knowledge about developing in Ruby on Rails, discussed new tools, and showed interesting slides. The strongest Rubyists in the world delivered reports on Ruby on Rails, deciphered problems with scaling projects, and shared stories of creating and developing Sinatra and Groupon. '

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09:30 AM: Registration, good morning, and coffee

10:20 AM: Opening session

10:30 AM: Deciphering Rails 3 (Gregg Pollack, Envy Labs)

11:10 PM: Understanding the Rails web model and scalability options (Fabio Akita, Codeminer 42)

12:10 PM: Coffee break

12:30 PM: How we made Groupon (Ivan Evtuhovich, Evil Martians)

1:15 PM: Why JRuby? (Douglas Campos, RedHat)

2:00 PM: Lunch

3:45 PM: Sinatra: past, present and future (Konstantin Haase, independent developer)

4:30 PM: Travis CI: Splitting your app into smaller pieces (Josh Kalderimis, Travis CI)

5:15 PM: Coffee break

5:30 PM: The practice of applying JRuby (Timofey Klimenko, Hot Spot)

6:15 PM: Attributes Unwrapped: Lessons under the surface of active record (Jonathan Leighton, Rails Core Team member, independent developer)

7:00 PM: Closing session, reception, prize drawing'

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More information about the speakers and their presentations can be found at http://habrahabr.ru/company/toster/blog/136447/#habracut '

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