#poSEEDelki with Mikhail Zakharevich

December 6, 2012, 19:00 master class

On December 6, another #poSEEDelki informal meeting of entrepreneurs, at which Mikhail Zakharevich talked about what criteria investors and analysts use to evaluate projects, was held in the Digital October center.

The preparation of a project for presentation is a moment of import for every startup. To what should attention be paid specifically? What should be reflected in a presentation? Importantly, how to make an investor happy? These and other questions worry many beginning entrepreneurs.

Mikhail Zakharevich


Mikhail Zakharevich, general director of the Center of Commercializing Innovations, dwelled on the moments that need to be taken into account when working a project out for presentation and shared his vision of how a project should be evaluated by investors and their analysts.

In his talk, Mikhail Zakharevich raised the following subjects:

  • What should be stressed during presentation of a project?
  • Which of a project’s financial indicators depend on marketing indicators?
  • How can a project be sold to an investor?


As always, in the beginning we discussed a theme that is of importance for beginning entrepreneurs, and them anyone who wished would have the chance to present their ideas to the audience and learn their opinions.

The events, which have been organized by the Greenfield Project, take place under the support of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow. Follow Greenfield Project news on Twitter and read about it on Facebook.


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