The payment services of the future

June 10, 2015, 09:00 conference

With domestic economy in a slump resulting in a dramatic plunge in profits banks and other financial organisations have to explore new opportunities for business and turn to foreign markets primarily European. However experience shows that insufficiency of accurate information on international laws and regulations on banking and payment services as well as lack of practice often create obstacles to achieving these goals.  

Topics of the conference include:  

  • Setting up and running a payment or e-money institution: organisational and legal aspects  
  • The place of e-money issuers, payment institutions and other payment operators in today's banking system. Interaction with banks and financial service providers  
  • E-money issuers and payment institutions as a new source of revenues for banks and other investors in the financial sector
  • IT systems for payment service providers and electronic money institutions: an effective solution to a number of issues
  • The purpose of establishing an electronic money or payment institution in the current situation.  
  • How to set up an authorised payment institution in Europe: the process and approaches  

The idea behind the event is to give the market participants a unique opportunity to exchange first-hand experience with peers, and provide a forum for discussions between leading experts in the payment services industry and all the people concerned.

Guest Speakers:  

  • Philip Larin, EEPS Founder  
  • Alfred Shaffir, President and CEO, Polycoin  
  • Sergey Kochergin, IT expert, Canopus Innovative Technologies  
  • Galina Voronina, CEO, PayDek  
  • John Velissarios, Co-founder, CISO, Managing Director, Armory Enterprise Security LLS  
  • Nikolay Rozhok, CEO, MoneyPolo  
  • Vladimir Nagin, Founder and CEO, ImpexConsulting  

We hope that the conference will help many of you to find solutions which will enable a rapid growth of your business, its diversification and scaling; that it will give you innovative ideas, new partnership opportunities and support of people with expert knowledge of the payment services industry.

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