October evolution, episode 3: Mobile Revolution

June 4, 2013, 16:45

As part of the third installment of the Digital October Center’s interactive show focusing on online business, international experts will be faced with the same challenge that their Russian colleagues have already tackled: with the support of our online and studio audiences, they will come up with a viable project in their area of expertise in less than an hour. Filming will take place on June 4th at the DEMO Europe conference.

The theme for the latest episode is a hot field right now: mobile startups. But just which niche they’ll set out to fill will be decided on the spot by the episode’s stars. The program will feature experts from DEMO Europe; before filming, they will be busy evaluating the mobile projects launched at the conference.

The program will star:

Eric Litman, CEO of the American mobile advertising platform Medialets, which has received funding from 5000Startups and which has been used by practically every major agency in the US,

Dilek Dayinlarli, Vice President of the investment fund 212, which formerly handled strategic planning and data analysis for Groupon, Inc.,

Shaan Puri, CEO of The Monkey Inferno incubator, which specializes in transforming ideas into tech businesses over the course of 9 weeks,

In just one hour, they, together with October Evolution’s viewers, will attempt to accomplish what usually takes weeks, if not months: come up with a viable project concept that will draw the interest of potential investors and consumers.

We’d like to point out that only DEMO Europe attendees will be able to be part of the program’s studio audience.

But anyone can track the experts’ progress by watching the open broadcast on Digital October’s website, make comments using the hashtag #1startup.

Producer of the first DEMO Europe conference and Digital October Curator Peter Tatischev, the program’s standing host, and American DEMO conference producer and former Head Editor of TechCrunch Erick Schonfeld, this special episode’s co-host, will be on hand to enforce the strict time limits.

Why ‘mobile revolution’?

  • According to projections, by 2017, there will be more than 10 billion mobile devices in the world, and two-thirds of online information will consist of mobile video;
  • Half of online merchants are already tailoring their services for mobile sales: 15% have their own iPad app, and, on the whole, mobile commerce accounts for 8% of the electronic sales market.


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