“October Evolution”, Episode 6: “The Education of the Future”

August 20, 2013, 19:00 education online


The sixth episode of Digital October’s interactive teleshow, which will come out on August 20th, will focus on creating an educational project that takes advantage of new technologies and teaching methods.

With support from the studio audience and Internet viewers, our team of experts will come up with a project that will make an impression on potential users and investors. Attendees and experts will help the new project to evolve from an unformed idea into a sustainable business model in less than an hour.

The program’s sixth episode will feature market gurus and the founders of successful projects:

  • Vasily Gatov, head of RIA Novosti’s MediaLab and meme wrangler for the start-up Westudy.in;
  • Yulia Lesnikova, Director of Educational Programs for the Digital October Center
  • Egor Rudi, CEO of Eruditor

The experts will be offered a helping hand by Peter Tatischev, the program’s host and curator of the Digital October Center, along with this episode’s co-host and Vice President of Strategic Projects for the Mail.ru Group, Anna Artamonova.

According to Brad Hargreaves, the founder of the educational startup General Assembly, students aren’t ready to waste their time on lectures offered by the best professors these days. Traditional online universities aren’t meeting the needs of a modern audience: it’s time to search out new forms and opportunities for education. During a lecture at the Digital October Center, Daphne Koller, co-founder of the online educational project Coursera.org, expressed the opinion that the evolution of the educational system is natural; after all, business, journalism, cinematography, music, and books have already changed under the influence of new technologies: “We have to look at what’s happening as an opportunity: we can take a sector that hasn’t changed over the course of several hundred years and start teaching students better. It’s worthwhile. We’re working with institutions of higher learning so that they can become stronger. Some universities think that this is all going to go away after a few months. I think that, if they take that attitude toward technology, they’re going to have problems.”

The event’s Twitter hashtag is #1startup.


687 show Vasily
Head of RIA Novosti’s MediaLab
688 show Yulia
Director of Educational Programs for the Digital October Center
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CEO of Eruditor

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