First Lecture in the “Million-dollar Ideas” Series

April 22, 2013, 19:00 lecture

On April 22nd, the Digital October Center hosted the first lecture in its new series entitled, “Million-dollar Ideas: Innovative Entrepreneurship”. This lecture series was organized by Harvard Business Review Russia with support from our center.

The event’s keynote speaker Boris Akimov, who has previously worked as a journalist and project manager for Afisha and Snob, spoke about his current project LavkaLavka.

Akimov is one of the founders of LavkaLavka, the popular project that brings together farms from all over Russia and puts them in contact with ecofriendly food enthusiasts in the capital. He told event attendees the story of how the organization began, how Lavka sees itself now, and how he envisions its future.

This is the first in a series of similar lectures planned at the center. Ilya Popov (of Smeshariki), Dmitriy Kibkalo (of Mosigra), and Maxim Faldin and Camille Kurmakaev (both of Wikimart) have all been invited to speak.

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