"Death by Board Meetings" – a Broadcast from Silicon Valley

March 21, 2013, 19:00 broadcast

On March 21, a broadcast of Death by Board Meetings – a discussion of the key mistakes that managers make in Board of Directors meetings and how to avoid them – was carried out at the Digital October center.

Guests were able to watch the discussion in California live.

The panel discussion was part of the Total Access series of American educational programs of the large international legal firm Orrick, the Russian representative office of which supported the broadcast.

Dan Levin (COO of Box), Jules Maltz (Institutional Venture Partners), Gary Swart (CEO of oDesk), Jeff Tate (ex-CEO of Rambus), and Sharon Wienbar (Scale Venture Partners) participated in the discussion, and Orrick partner Greg Heibel moderated.

The experts discussed four sets of themes:

  • "The First Mistake of Every Meeting: the Packaging of a Message Prevails over Its Essence";
  • "The Second Mistake: You Allowed the Directors to Come Unprepared";
  • "The Third Mistake: the CEO Places Operational Factors Higher Than Strategic Ones";
  • "How to Turn a Situation Around and Make the Meeting Effective."

After the broadcast, Maria Kazakova, a lawyer with the Russian division of Orrick, discussed matters with Digital October's guests. Maria is a specialist in the areas of investing and mergers and acquisitions who has carried out deals for Plastic Logic, YouDo, and Raiffeisenbank.

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