User Experience 2011

October 6 – 8, 2011, 10:00 conference

On October 6-8, the Digital October Center hosted User Experience 2011, the fifth annual conference dedicated to interaction design in the service sector. The conference was organized by CareerLab and UsabilityLab with the support of the UPA.

The conference featured a keynote address by Peter Morville, an expert in systemizing information architecture work, called “Search Patterns: Design for Discovery.” In his presentation, Morville identified the language patterns of search and discovery, and explained the philosophy and behavior of users, cross-channel information architecture, multi-sensory interaction, and new technologies.

Morville also leaded a workshop entitled “Information Architecture and Findability.” . The workshop discussed how search and navigation systems can be designed to support and shape user behavior. He also presented a detailed analysis of information architecture.


The master class included:

  • Exploring the concepts, methods, and tools needed to practice information architecture successfully;
  • Learning how to make your web site, intranet, product, or application more useful, usable, accessible, desirable, credible, and findable;
  • Understanding how information architecture is evolving to accommodate the challenges of ubiquitous computing and cross-channel user experience;
  • Seeing the best-in-class examples drawn from corporate, e-commerce, education, government, mobile, and social media websites and applications;
  • Discussing the unique challenges you’re facing today with your instructor and fellow attendees.


The event featured other presentations on topics in telecommunications services, mass media, entertainment and games, social networks, financial services, e-commerce, and e-government.

More information about the program and conference participants can be found at:


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