Rules of the Game: A Crash Course for the Innovative Entrepreneur

November 17, 2011, 19:00 seminar

On November 17, PwC Center for Technology and Innovation held in Digital October “Start-up: The Perspective of the Investor, Entrepreneur, and Consultant”, the first workshop of the series called Rules of the Game: A Crash Course for the Innovative Entrepreneur. The course will focus on how to create a successful technology company and bring it to market.

Seminar participants learned how to prepare for presenting their projects to potential investors, what their company’s financial model should be, what kind of legal entity is preferred for registration, how to properly structure a company from a tax standpoint, how to protect the project’s intellectual property, and how to prepare a company to enter international markets.

The speakers included Mark Hannye, partner at the Center for Technology and Innovation and head of M&A at PwC, who has extensive experience in M&A and investment. Mark shared his experience with participants and explained why the investor and the entrepreneur look at a company from different perspectives, and how to reconcile those views.

The seminar also involved guest experts – representatives from venture funds and entrepreneurs who have achieved market success. Marina Kolesnik, CEO of, shared her experience in searching and selecting investors. Vitaly Lazorin, managing director of NovStream, decribed how investors choose startups.

If you have any questions about the event or course, please contact Olga Menshikova or Anna Akimova by phone at + 495 967 0000.


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