Useful Genetics

November 14, 2013, 20:00 Coursera Learning Hub

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Genetics are everywhere: in the newspapers, on TV, in doctors’ offices, in medicine, in the judicial system, in immigration laws. Even in shampoo! This completely new world has brought up unusual questions. How can genetic tests help you take care of your health? How much do you want to know about your genes? Is there anything it is better not to know? This course will teach you the basics of genetics and help you understand where they are applied in our everyday life.

About the course

Author: Rosemary Redfield (University of British Columbia)

Length: 5 weeks of 1.5-2 hour lectures, homework, and tests.

Course plan:

  • The basics of DNA, genes, chromosomes, and interaction between human populations
  • The reasons for and consequences of mutations
  • How mutations change the activity and function of genes affect the behavior of living organisms; mutation and cancer
  • Gender distinction and genes in the gender chromosomes; how natural variation and heredity is studied
  • Types of genome analysis and DNA fingerprinting; what they can tell us about health risks, personal characteristics, and our ancestors


Requirements for participants: No particular prior knowledge is required.

Course curator: Maria Shutova, PhD in biology, research worker in the human and animal epigenetics lab at the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics.


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