Digital October's Birthday

December 6, 2011, 19:00 conference


On December 6th, on its birthday, Digital October ceased to exist.

Attention! Reports on the closure of Digital October were fabricated! DON’T BE FOOLED!

Everything went according to the best traditions of the best houses in the best capital cities in the best countries – there was an African American in a Steve Jobs costume and a certain Makarevich, furiously savoring drinks. After that, since everything was according to the best traditions, a man climbed onstage who was extremely pleased that everyone who had come to the party had come to the party. In this stately, handsome man, we did not immediately recognize our leader. The leader began with a surprise: Navalny wouldn’t be coming.

Suddenly, the presentation of a new project began! People switched to English – I only understood the words “digital,” “luxury,” and “thank you, Vincent.” Suddenly the presentation was over and the well-known Minaev took the stage. He stood up and introduced himself – what a humble guy! It was then that everyone realized that the Gold Brick Awards ceremony couldn’t be avoided.

In short, it’s better not to write anything.

After the awards ceremony, there was a face-palm moment: I somehow cannot recall exactly what happened – there was free orange juice!

Minaev suddenly left the stage, making way for the famous British band The Jim Jones Revue. The group turned out to be not only famous, but also trendy – a British soundman ran sound directly from a Russian soundman’s iPod. Unbelievably, the group was not only trendy, but also untrendy.

“Around twelve o’clock, some people rose, bowed, shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, and went through a large doorway into the hallway to put on their clothes.”


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