Conde Nast Digital Day

April 13, 2011, 10:00 conference

On April 13, CONDE NAST DIGITAL DAY conference took place in the Digital October center.

Conde Nast Russia magazines

Condé Nast Digital Day is an annual conference on new media organized by Condé Nast Russia for its clients and partners. This year Condé Nast Digital Day was dedicated to attracting and retaining customers and delivering right brand story via advertising, social and own media.

Media world changes faster than advertising strategies and marketing approaches. Condé Nast Digital has invited experts from various countries to meet the best web marketing cases and figure out

– what is efficient and what is not,

– what is the future of digital media,

– who are the competitors in the digital world.

Conference was opened with a short introduction about Condé Nast strategy in new media. The information was presented by Karina Dobrotvorskaya, the President of Condé Nast Russia, James Bilefield, the President of Condé Nast International Digital, and Anita Gigovskaya, the Vice President and CCO of Condé Nast Russia.

Карина Добротворская Президент Conde Nast Россия

Karina Dobrotvorskaya

Джеймс Байлфилд президент Conde Nast International Digital

James Bilefield

Анита Гиговская вице президент, коммерческий директор и глава подразделения Digital Сonde Nast Россия

Anita Gigovskaya

Rick Levine, Senior Vice President for Editorial Operations, Condé Nast USA and Scott Dadich, Vice President for Digital Magazine Development, Condé Nast USA communicated the ambitious plans of launching digital magazines Condé Nast in the America and spoke of multimedia and advertisement features of these emerging media.

"Digital magazines have all the advantages of printed media and do not possess any of the web sites' flaws", Scott said.

круглый стол

David Kang, EMEA Vice President for Online, Estée Lauder Companies discussed social media as a way of direct communication with the user and talked about proper usage of these media in advertising. "Our main rule in communicating with the consumer is to react within 24 hours", he pointed out.

Дэвид Канг региональный вице-президент по on-line деятельности Estee Lauder

David Kang

A number of important points concerning social media were made by Scott Galloway, Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern, Founder, L2 Think Tank.

Cкотт Гэллоуэй основатель L2 (Нью Йорк)

Scott Galloway

"Brands no longer need to pay for customers' attention. Facebook is a main competitor for all the media nowadays. We are the witnesses of a 'moment of realizing the danger of the satellite', just like 50 years ago – when Russians had launched the first satellite ever and that fact triggered a boost in space technology development in America. The media is now facing the same danger when the competition with the social media for the reader provokes powerful flow of innovations in the traditional media", - Scott emphasized.

The leading expert in online marketing, Osnat Zaretsky, New Business Director, ComScore Europe spoke of the efficiency of the web advertising.
Оснат Зарецки директор по развитию бизнеса Comscore Europe

Osnat Zaretsky


She demonstrated that focusing on the amount of clicks during media planning not only leads to distorted campaign results, but also to false communication strategy on the web. A number of guests participated in the panel discussion “Russia Online” dedicated to current situation on the Russian web, audience expansion, growth of advertising investments, mobile web, online trading and venture investments. These issues were discussed by Ruslan Tagiev (TNS Gallup Media), Andrey Chernyshov (Adwatch Carat Interactive), Dmitry Repin (Digital October) and Oscar Hartmann (founder of website).


Ruslan Tagiev admitted that every morning he glances through, and on his iPad. Oscar Hartmann began his speech saying that his wife cried (literally) when he told her about his intention to trade clothes online. “My morning starts with reading email reports about accidents that happened throughout the night. This year 750 persons work at my company, and my aim is to deliver 20 mln packages annually”.

Оскар Хартмани Руслан Тагиев TNS Россия

Oscar Hartmann and Ruslan Tagiev

The conference was hosted by Digital October center and gathered 300 attendees. Conference video is available in both languages on the web site:


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