33rd WordPress Moscow Meetup

January 31, 2015, 12:00 seminar

On Saturday, January 31st, the Digital October Center will play host to the latest meeting for WordPress users and developers. Two presentations are being prepared for the meeting:

  • The WordPress Root Directory. For many users, the contents of their site’s root directory are simply files and folders with the prefix “wp-“. In this presentation, Vladimir Sklyar will discuss the purpose of these files and directories and the opportunities WordPress has to offer through them.
  • Jetpack: What’s new about Jetpack Version 3.3 and what you can expect from Version 3.4. Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress, designed by the makers of the biggest network of WordPress sites in the world. Igor Zinovyev will discuss the new opportunities Version 3.3 has to offer and what the team has planned for future versions of the plugin.


Admission is free with prior registration: https://wpmoscow.wordpress.com/


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